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Nutritional TherapyDynamic Homeopathy

What is offered at Heaven + Earth?

Each individual is offered an opportunity to participate in an integrated, unique, motivating system of medicine that is not only conscious, but effective. By addressing the underlying physical causes of illness, the individual will experience a more comprehensive process of re-mediation and therefore lasting health without the need of extensive life long supplemental regimes. 

Unlike much of modern Naturopathic medicine, which relies heavily on expensive supplementation protocols, Heaven + Earth strives to limit supplement recommendations to a bare minimum, by focusing on whole/living food nutrition, and the implementation of healthy lifestyle habits. Indeed, it is acknowledged that supplementation is quite valuable, therefore it is used only when necessary, and with the intent of eventually having little or no need for them at all. 

What is Nutritional Therapy?
Nutritional Therapy uses true foods and orthomolecular substances vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements, and essential fatty acids to correct deficiencies, and imbalances. It also assists in the restoration and optimization of organ function via methods of detoxification and regeneration.

What is Dynamic Homeopathy?

Dynamic Homeopathy is a modern, cutting edge, non-classical application of Homeopathy which focuses on the ever complex nature of modern disease. As a result, the client often requires more than one remedy at a time, which is the very reason this approach is deemed non-classical.

Within Dynamic Homeopathy, the client’s case is thoroughly taken and the appropriate remedies selected to aid in the re-mediation process. These remedies however, are administered much differently than the traditional classical model, seeing multiple potencies and scales are used to successfully remediate the client's health concerns. It is based on the understanding that all methodologies must evolve and be reflective of the times, and human beings who create those times. During Dr. Samuel Hahnemann's time, the founder of Homeopathy, disease was very simple for the most part. He usually dealt with one or perhaps two diseases at a time. One hundred and sixty-eight years after his death, disease is far more complex than it has ever been in our entire history, and therefore an evolved, intelligent approach to re-mediation is required. Dynamic Homeopathy is not only gentle and free of side effects, it is deep acting, powerful and effective.

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